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Unique day in Bermuda, and more. Started out by raining off and on, then raining heavy, and then it was more like a small scale hurricane. The ship had to use it's engines to maintain position at the pier and that wasn't enough so they had to call for a tugboat to come along side and help. Plus - they had to pull the gangway due to the motion at the pier. Eventually it subsided and the poor passengers who were stuck ashore, mere feet from the ship, eventually got to come aboard.

But wait! There's more! A hour before dinner the concierge calls our suite to inquire how things were going. Then when we arrived at dinner the head waiter comes rushing over to inform us the Captain had invited us to dinner tommorrow night. A few minutes later the Guest Relations Manager came to our table, asking how things were going and if we had any problems. You see, when you are going to eat with the boss, everyone down the chain of command wants to make sure you won't burn them. And we have no problems anyway, but the frenzy is fun. I've done it too in my own career.

More rough seas tonight as we head to Boston.
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