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Default Soot on Celebrity Solstice, an issue for anyone?
it's been a while so glad I'm able to cruise again.

I'll be on the Solstice going on a Western Med cruise in July. We got upgraded because of a price drop to an AFT cabin (sunset verandas). I asked my TA at the time about possible soot problems and he said no, not on these new ships. I didn't know so I decided to go ahead and accept the upgrade.

I recently came across some info on a forum that I frequent, and from cruisers that just came back from the same ship on AFT cabins, the more I realized that soot IS a problem. I'm express my concerns to my TA and have post questions to Celebrity site about the problem and both say there shouldn't be any issues and if there were, it will be do "unfavorable" wind conditions. My family suffers from allergies and would have a fit if there is a large amount of soot present. I can't have this.

I went back to my TA and ask about moving but there isn't any more fair room to move to, no refund if I decide to select inside cabin, and there are only a few inside cabins which doesn't seem fair. We obviously can't get our old cabins back.

So what do I do? I'm disappointed. What can I do? I didn't have a chance to look up this soot issues at that time and most of my past cruises had been balcony in the mid-ship and this never even came up.

The best thing I can think of is NOT open the balcony the entire cruise and have an Ocean view (this sucks) or move into an inside cabin which seems unfair. errr. What do I do?
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