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Thanks Dave. I hate to complaint before experiencing the problem. Most of the time, I hear complaints and find out otherwise when I'm there at the port. I've read reviews take all in consideration, and most time, it was due to someone having a bad day.

This is different because it has to do with healt; my family health. I would rather not upgrade had I knew the risk. It's too late now. We'll probably have the balcony closed during our 12 nights cruise. .

I didn't know they only blowing the soot out at night. It doesnt make sense how they can selectively do that. If they can, why would they just collect them and get rid of it a different way, in say a barrow? One of my buddies said that the soot are the bi-product of dessel exhaust and are blow out with the smokes. What collects on your balcony are the result of the wind blowing those fine particles around and eventually collect on the "aft" balconies. The amount depends on how hard they run those engines. Oh well things I shouldn't be learning but did for a different reason.

Hopefully, this help some one in my sistuation.

Thanks again Dave.
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