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Default Drink package.
Originally Posted by First time cruisers View Post
Hi - my partner and I have booked our first cruise with Royal Caribbean voyager of the seas for our honeymoon in September. We are both in our mid twenties. We're off on the eastern med cruise visiting Sicily, kussidasi, Athens, Crete. Only thing - we have no idea what to expect, pack or do when we get there! If anyone has been on this cruise I would be very grateful for any tips regarding drinks packages and excursions - is it cheaper to do our own thing? Are there any beaches we can visit or is it pretty much sightseeing? What is the night time entertainment like? How do we tip the waiters etc?? What type of clothing do we need for day and night??

Any guidance will be a great help!!
My first med cruise coming up in July on celebrity solstice and it taken me months to decide on the right drink package for me and my wife. I ended up getting a premium alcoholic pkg for me and premium non alcohol pgk for her. She doesnt drink much and I know sharing isn't allow but I'm sure she can try one or two drinks without problems.

A few coffee in the morning, water for the tours, a few drink before during and after dinner Should more than cover the pkg price for me, everything else is bonus, ESP the bill at the end.
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