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That's right, MCPayne. Victoria is a common stop on RT cruises from Seattle due to the Passenger Services Act, part of which states that a cruise that starts and ends in the same U.S. port must include a stop in a "nearby foreign port." Canadian ports are in this category. (There also can't be a permanent disembarkation of passengers in another U.S. port -- so someone can't get off the ship in, say, Ketchikan and stay there.) THIS is a great article on the PSA.

It's not an issue for cruises sailing out of Vancouver. Then again, those cruises may miss Victoria entirely.

We have flexible dining on this cruise. If you have a set dining time, first seating would be preferable to second seating when the call is from 6 pm to midnight, as ours is. Anyway, we'll probably go ashore when we dock and then have a late dinner.
Happy cruising!
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