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Default Booking Our First Cruise... Help with the Details Please?
Hi all! Me and my husband are getting ready to book our first cruise. I have read a whole bunch about the different ports of call and narrowed it down to a specific western caribbean itinerary that I want. However, there are two cruises going on that same itinerary within the same week, both with Carnival. So...

First, would you recommend Carnival to two mid-twenties young adults? We are the type who very much want to be doing things on our vacation - sitting around the pool is great for a little bit but we don't want to spend all week doing that.

Next, the two ships are the Legend and the Liberty. Does anyone have experience with both of these and have an opinion on which is better? I understand that the Liberty has more passengers... does it seem crowded? And does that make for a longer wait when tendering? Liberty leaves from Miami and Legend leaves from Tampa.

Would you recommend booking shore excursions through Carnival or independently?

Unfortunately the time that we can both get off of work for this trip is in August... what would happen in the event of a hurricane?

I'm super excited about the cruise but there's SO many options and it's a little bit overwhelming since I haven't been on one before. Any other advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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