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This is all Great info. I am kind of obsessive in my planning and I like to buy in advance just so I know I don't have to pay for it after the trip. I will be arriving at Civitavecchia port and will be there for 1 day and plan to take train. I have bought some Travel guides, but some of it is confusing me. It mentions an option I can purchase through ATAC called the "Roma Pass" for 20 Euros that is good for 3 days of "Public Transportation", 2 museums for free (it mentions Colesium & Forum), and discounts. It seems clear that the Buses/Rail/Tram are included - Does it include the Train from Roma Termini to Civitavechhia? I am not sure I am understaning it. It might be best to just purchase the B.I.R.G and museum tickets separately. Roma Pass says the first 2 museums you visit are free - I am guessing it DOES NOT include the vatican - would that be correct?

The travel guide shows all the train/bus/metro routes. Right above the Civitavecchia Train Station (FR5) it shows (FR3) - Cesano di Roma & Viterbo. Are they in the same train station? The reason I ask is because I wanted to start with the Colesium, and I thought the FR3 train to Roma Ostiense and then getting on Line B at Piramide would work best for me to get to Colesium - but if the Civitavecchia doesnt really run the FR3 line, then I need to just do the FR5 to Roma Termini.
My plans is to start at the Colesium - when finished, hop on B line to Roma Termini and pick up A line to Vatican (S. Pietro). Come back on A line to Spagna Spanish steps/Trevi Fountain. I am reading from some people that I might be able to walk all of this - is that true too? Metro seems pretty clear cut overall.

ONe more question: In looking at the site and trying to prepurchase tickets, it asks where you are starting from. Civitavecchia has 3 options: Civitavecchia, Civitavecchia mm, and Civitavecchia VV. I didnt understand the difference.
I know its alot....sorry.