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Question Cruising with a large group
My husband and I decided we would like to take the children and go on a cruise. Turns out 31 other people in my family wanted to go on a cruise also. So now I am planning a cruise for 37 people. We will be going on the Carnival Imagination in September 2013. Of the 37 only 13 have ever cruised before.
I am trying to remember all the basic info to tell them, tipping, etc. Can anyone think of anything else they might need to know?
I am wondering about dining. I am sure they don't have a table to seat 37 so how is that gonna work? We all will have early dining. But I don't one a couple people at a table on one side of the room and a few on another side. I want everyone together.
Also does anyone recommend a motel/hotel in or around Miami? It is a 13 hour drive to Miami from where we live so we plan to drive down the day before and spend the night.
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