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Although there were just 5 'real' passengers at the table, the Captain was farthest from us and my wife and I spent most of our time talking to the Hotel Director and Food & Beverage Manager who were seated next to us. This didn't bother us as we found the discussion to be lively.

The F&B manager is from New Orleans and from a restaurant family. He is also a 'professional student' in his words, with I think he said over 220 undergraduate hours. He ended up in hotel management for 20 years before he set foot on a cruise ship. Very intelligent man. He told me he finally found himself on cruise ships.

The Hotel Director was similarly engaging and great fun. We talked about my nuclear power career, our shared interests in all things mechanical, and of course food. So to answer your question, it was general talk about whatever. However they did ask questions which were directed at what I thought about RCI. Although I didn't tell them about my role here, they knew it.
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