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Originally Posted by CruiseDad View Post
So I just checked my VIFP status. I've sailed 70 days on 10 cruises but they didn't allow VIFP for my 2004 cruise so I have only 63 points and I do not see any grandfather as platinum, I sailed last time as platinum, tells me I have 12 points to go to be platinum. This is a real bummer. I suspect I may never reach Platinum I'm so bummed. Even my 8 day up coming 11th cruise won't do it. How cheap can you be!!
you should be grandfathered in I have 60 days sailed and 14 cruise 2 of which are cnw and I was grandfathered in there is a link that shows all your cruises sailed make sure they are up to date once you are platnium they will not take it away I would call customer service they can not take it away once you recieved it you will be grandfathered!!
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