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Smile Back from Oasis
When you step onto the boat you enter onto the 5-th floor of the promenade and if is beautiful. The ice skating rink was very similar to the Libertu but the show was absoltely phenomenta.!I would suggest showing up 30 min. early to gat agood seat, it was so wort it. There is a jazz bar tha tI really loved and sat there paracticlly every night. Central Park si so lush and green. There were some nights where these was a gitarist playing melodies, really fantastic. I did love hte hot tubs really spacious and there even had tv's that were playing live sprots. I also notice that the "intimacy" of the smaller ship Liberty) was lost on the Oasis. Oasis is so large that you hardly see the same people again and it feels so much like city that people do not interact as much as they would on a smaller ship. The nightclub, the gembling, the croweds, the solarium, the food from what I remember are acually much better on the Liberty. But I still advise to go and see Oasis!
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