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Husband and I both got soda package on our last cruise, and will get it again on upcoming cruisein Nov. (both cruises were(are) on Freedom. Like everyone stated it's worth price if you drink 3 or more soda's a day. On last cruise we went to a specality rest. and I wanted a sprit zero, they asked for my room card and was told I could not get soda..I didn't complain..I probally needed to drink more water anyway..Only happened once.
I also used mug for coffee..I need bigger cups than what is offered for coffee..esp. in morning . Also used it for juice too. They did fill it up for me with both juice and coffee at Windjammers.

There is a sensor on bottom of mug..You need to line it up correctly on machine or soda will not come out. This happened with mine on 1st attempt (husbands worked fine). NOT a big deal..I got wait staff to help and they could not figure out how to resolve problem...So they gave me a new mug..problem solved in less than a minute. Also they gave both of us 2 different colored mugs, so we knew who's was who's.

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