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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
It is $67 for a cab before the tip. They have metered rates. The problem is the cab won't hold luggage for 4 people in most cases so you'd need two taxis. No, they won't discuss the rate.
It depends on the amount of luggage and the size of the taxi they are using. If they have Ford Crown Victorias, Lincoln Town Cars or Grand Caravan Mini Vans than it could work. Any smaller vehicle would be a streach.

I remember on my first cruise I flew from Toronto to FLL on a charter flight. I had purchased the cruise transfers from the travel agent, so I went to their representative at the airport. There were 4 of us who showed up, so they put all 4 of us into a Lincoln Town Car Limo, and sent us to the pier. 2 of us went to the Fascination, and the other 2 went to the Imagination.

The worst case scenario is that if you have to use 2 taxis, and it is more expensive than the transfers, you can purchase a ticket at the airport when you arrive, and they will bill it to your sail and sign accounts.
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