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Thumbs down Dont use caribbean cruise line
If I could put zero stars, I would.
I signed up for the week-vaca including the 2-day cruise.
My trip is not till august, but even if that goes perfect it still would not be worth the nightmare I have been through already. Customer Service is an absolute joke. Don't waste your time asking for a supervisor, they care even less than the associates. I just found out I have to take a Time Share tour that takes up "part of a morning or part of an afternoon." I was never told about this or I wouldn't have done it. When I talked to a supervisor, he said "you were told back in march." I wasn't.
I get different information each time I call. It usually takes about an hour to get to someone, even though the recording says the hold time should be about "2-4 minutes." I usually get transferred at least 3 times. Sometimes I hold for 20+ minutes then someone picks up and just hangs up. New fees creep up every time I call. They originally said I would get "discount airfare" and "two-for-one flights." Neither was true. The rate on the internet was cheaper, and still a lot. At one point I asked if I could just cancel everything and get a refund, but they said I could not do this. So now I am trapped. SAVE YOURSELF! Dont do it. It's not even that good of a deal after all is said and done. The "resort" that comes with the package got almost 100% horrible reviews, and so I had to pay an extra $200 to updgrade to a halfway decent hotel, that they didn't even bother telling me was in a different city (boca raton, not Ft Lauderdale.) Everyone I talk to is a complete moron who clearly hates life and cares zero about you. I am so afraid to take this trip, it has been this bad so far, I can only imagine what I am in for. I'll post again when I get back, if the boat doesn't sink. God help me.
whew, I feel better.
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