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Default Many many cruises
I have noticed from all the cruise tickers that many of you all have here you have cruises booked out for months at a time some even back to back. Well I am NOT hating or anything like that, I just think that is a wonderful thing. ...Just tell me you all's secret, ....please. LOL. I mean I'm glad to have been able to do the ones I have done. I did 1 in January but hadn't cruise since 2008, now that's way to long to have to wait to cruise. I want to be like you all when I grow up. ( Smiling). That is truly a great thing.

Freedom Of the Seas-5/2006
Carnival Liberty-5/2008
Carnival Imagination-1/2012
Allure of the Seas-5/2013

So I guess that's not to bad....still want you all's secret. Lol.

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