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Default A few simple questions
Hello my husband and myself are thinking of cruising (first time ever on a ship) May of 2013 (honeymoon cruise 16 yrs later). We are looking at the Sky and would be headed to the Bahamas. My questions are this:

1. Excursion purchased on board the ship do they come out of your on board account? I want to try snorkeling at Sturrip Cay. Also since I have never snorkeled do they give instruction on how to do it? Will we have to stay on the island the whole time or will there be transportation the whole time?

2. I know you can buy beach towels at the NCL online store, but can you purchase the trade marked blue and white ones on board ship?

3. Since we live in Indiana we have to fly into Miami. My question about this is can we arrange to be picked up at the hotel by the cruise line? I know for a fee they will pick you up at the airport but since we are flying in a day early (don't want to risk missing the boat), we have to stay in a hotel over night.

4. The cruise leaves port at 5 pm. How soon before leaving would be able to board?

Sorry to ask so many questions. I may have more later on too. Just trying to get a feel for this exciting vacation that is 16 yrs in the making. Thanks for your responses.
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