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Cruise lines always keep their options open. They never say "never". RCI hasn't sailed out of West coast for a few years now, but they still review the option. The growth has been so strong for Europe over the past few years, but the cost of airfare has put a hurting on sales in the last year. With this crazy economy and crazy airfares the cruise lines have to be prepared to make changes.

The main reason they pulled out of Mobile was the ship wasn't bringing in the revenue. Everyone wants a $300 cruise and then they carry on roll bag suitcases and back packs full of water and sodas, and we all know the alcohol is being smuggled. A ship can't survive without revenues. If a ship ever comes back to Mobile I hope people will support it by not being so cheap. It amazes me how we go to sports games, concerts, and festivals, and pay the prices; but when it comes to a cruise they want to bring everything on the ship so they don't have to pay for anything.
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