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Angry My postcard is allegedly from Norwegian
Originally Posted by TCMHC View Post
I'm very glad I came across this post; I received a similar postcard today - except it was affiliated through Royal Caribbean. No information was listed on the card as to the company that sent the solicitation, which is a red flag right off the bat. I tried putting the phone number (888) 248-8550 in a search, and came up with nothing. It took a bit of tracking to find this post noting the scam. I'm hoping that by posting the phone number, someone else may find this information more easily, and not take any chances on this too good to be true 'deal.'
My card is similar. It refers to Norwegian Cruise Line for a complimentary 7 day/6 night cruise, along with my chance to win two airline tickets. This phone number is 1-877-423-8967. BEWARE!!!
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