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Default Do not use this company!!!!! Read this!!!!!
I recently cruised out of port canaveral and booked with this company for my transportation to the port. The van that picked us up was a total wreck. I looked over at the mileage it read over 600k, which in my mind ,is way too much for me and my family to be traveling in at 80 mph,which the driver was doing, and shaking the whole time,scared me to death. The van was filthy and smelled like a sweaty sock,it was an awful experience. The driver was very loose lipped about the company and it's owner who is a guy named (name removed by Admin). Now check out what this driver told me about this guy. (Name removed) owns and operates this Cocoa Beach Shuttle company, but he doesn't employ people as employee's, he employs them as sub-contractors so he doesn't have to pay taxes, if they damage any of his vehicles, he takes it out of their pay. Sometimes they don't even get their pay, it depends if this guy decides to come around and bring them their checks. The driver also told me a heartbreaking story about the mechanic that worked for Cocoa Beach Shuttle, that Mr. (name removed) dismissed after the mechanic found out he was sick with CANCER. That just blew my mind!! This is NOT a company or person, I want to give my money to. People like (name removed)should not be allowed to be in business, especially transporting people. As a New York state DOT inspector,I feel it's my duty to report this company,just for the condition of their vehicles, to the Florida state DOT , the US DOT, and I'm dropping a little note to the IRS about this guy. In NY, when we come across a company like this, we shut it down. If you look at other reviews on this company, you'll see what I'm referring to.

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