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Default NCL has been fabulous to us
Originally Posted by poormom View Post
Two women walk into a restaurant, and the maitre'd says " good afternoon ladies, is ANYTHING OK?"
Gosh, I can't improve on that one Marsha!
Lets hope this couple has a better time on Carnival and since I'm a dedicated NCL person I can say I'm happy I won't be running into them cuz there are plenty of folk having a bad life and I hate finding them intruding on my vacation.
Bermuda was our first NCL experience and it sealed it for excellent time with excellent food and yeah, if its not stellar at that one point then find something else because just like home, every recipe isn't going to be a winner for everyone.
Oh yeah, and remember life is short...less complaining, more enjoying.
I like the idea of the toothbrush as a stirrer!
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