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Spiritfilled, since you are going on Allure, the balconies will have the ability to open to each other. We have done that on Oasis and Freedom. The dividers are basically in sections and the outboard section is hinged and there is a lock that allows it to swing back and lock to the inboard section. On other ships the cabin steward has said it is against policy. We usually tip the cabin steward on the first meeting ($20 or so) to get him or her to keep ice buckets filled, etc. Usually brightens their spirit and they are always willing to help. No problem locking the balcony open. Makes it nice when everyone is outside. On Oasis we had 3 cabins in a row and opened both so all 3 made a long balcony. Very nice for 6 adults sitting outside. Another plus was using sticky notes on the balcony glass doors if we were sleeping or awake. We could simply glance around and see if the other couple was awake.
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