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Default Planning for a cruise in November-ish
Hi all!!

I am new to this forum and new to cruising as well. I was wondering if I could get any insight on taking a cruise to the Bahamas in November.

I have heard good things about Royal Caribbean, and found out that they have about 3 cruises in November all about a week apart (on the Enchantment of the Seas), with one cruise during Thanksgiving weekend. The price declines the later the date. Any reason for that? Is there a better time to go in November, and should I avoid the Thanksgiving weekend date? Would even early December be too late?

I have searched the Internet for weather conditions around that time, and they all seem to come up with the same consensus - around 80 degrees or so. However, these were all responses from many years ago.

Has anyone traveled to the Bahamas during the winter months recently? What should I expect? I was reading that there are pros and cons for visiting during the winter months, such as 1) it may be busier since most people want to get away from the cold; 2) there may be construction going on if it's off season??; 3) may get rain??, etc.

Also, I would be leaving from the Baltimore port, if that would make any difference aside from the fact that it'll be a bit more cold during the first part and last part of the cruise.

As for the cabin, I wouldn't really mind just going with the cheapest option (without a window on Royal Caribbean) because the idea is that I won't be in the room a majority of the time anyway, right?

But therein lies another question, if it's in November, will any activities on the ship be limited due to weather conditions??

And lastly, would I need a passport to go to the Bahamas? I read somewhere that some places don't require a passport if it's on a cruise.

Anyone able to provide any insight on this and any other advice for me would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

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