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Originally Posted by denjoker View Post
We've sailed out of Port C. many times. Since we live in Virginia, it's about an 11 hour drive. I agree that it's always a good idea to go down the day before to allow for traffic problems etc. There's really no point to doing the entire drive in one day. Yes - there are hotels in Port C. that have a park and shuttle service if you stay there but you'll pay top dollar for the room. We drive about 8 hours to Kingsland,Ga. (just north of Jacksonville) - get a hotel through one of the search engines for about half the $, have a nice dinner and drive the 2.5 hours to the port in the morning - refreshed and ready to cruise! We also have found an off site parking facility with excellent reviews that's about half the $ as the port (thanks to a referral from one of this sites members) - Cruise Parking of Port Canaveral. I still remember my first cruise and how I couldn't wait to go back - hope you get hooked too!

Yes where we live in Va too we just want to make sure we have enough time to do so... where is the parking facility that is about half the price... we are so exicted we have 19 days till the cruise..... our cruise leaves out on a monday so i guess sunday morning would be okay to leave and rest close to the state line of FL and be able to make it in enough time, we have already check in for our cruise so i know that we dont have to wait at the terminal i dont believe..
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