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Hawaii sounds wonderful, especially at Christmas. We've been there 3 times, the first being an the old America-Hawaii Cruise line. We rented cars through the ship, but ran into a situation on the Big Island when going to see a lava flow. Some of these roads can be very desolate, and a very "beaten up" car pulled up, with the "creapiest" looking guy that you have ever seen. Luckily, we're here to talk aabout it, and speaking to a policeman afterwards, we found out that crime does exist, especially in the situation we were in. As far as helicopters, we've never taken one, but I can tell you about the maintenance. 2 of the trips have been extensive stays, where we could drive around to see helicopters in peoples back yard. ALWAYS book your helicopter trip through a ship, as they go with safer companies, and helicopters that run from the airports, rather than someones back yard. I would recommend 2 places to do your trip, the first being Kauai, and make sure it includes Waimea Canyon. This in our opinion, is probably the most underestimated place on the islands. We've driven up by bus on 1 occassion, and I drove it myself on another. The colors are magnificent, and could only imagine how it would look from above. The other is the obvious, fly over the volcano on the big Island, but you can always see that on TV, movies, etc. Whatever you decide, you can't go wrong, but do it through a ship. Have fun, and wish we were with you.