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bizzybee... Welcome back.. I am a woodworker hobbiest and can answer your question. It really depends on how they were finished to begin with. Either they were oiled or they were waxed. if they were waxed they would be buffed to a shine. If they were oiled, they would not be shiny but would not look like raw wood either.

So if oiled, you can wash with water but don't let them submerge in the water for very long (dunk them in dish water and then wipe clean and rinse and dry) periodical re-apply oil to them. Use Castor oil (as it is edible) apply to the surface with paper towel liberally and let it soak in for a half hour or so and then wipe off any oil that did not soak in.

For waxed wood, buy some Johnson & Johnson paste wax (know as butchers wax and can be found in the cleaning isle at your grocery store or clear shoe polish. Use it like car polish... wipe it on in circles... let it dry and then polish it off. The waxed wood does not need to be re-polish nearly as often (depends on use)
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