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Default Oasis - Eastern Caribbean Cruise
I need some help with the ropes. We are going on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise (Nassau, St Thomas, St Maarten). I am going with my girlfriend, and my brother and his girlfriend. We have looked at excursions on the website, but was curious if it was better/cheaper to wait until we got to shore to decide what to do. I did not see parasailing on the website, so I am curious if it is even available - or maybe it just isn't offered through the cruise line.

Anyway, we are all over 21 and are looking for adventurous/scenic tours (ie scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, a booze cruise). Can anyone help with this?

Also, anyone have ideas on the beverage (soda) package. I am a caffeine addict, and usually drink about a gallon of tea a day. Am I able to get tea on the ship, or am I going to be stuck drinking coke? Am I able to stock up on tea/beverages for the room?

Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions. I'm just trying to be prepared before I arrive - as this is my first time on a cruise. Thanks for the help.
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