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Question RCCI vs Carnival?
Well, I will totally let you know in a month or so! We cruised for the very first time years ago and picked a 'cheap 4 night cruise with Carnival' on the Imagination ... just to see if we liked it. We did and decided we wanted to try another line ... got a great sale on the Adventure of the Seas in a Jr. Suite for our next cruise. Had a FABULOUS time! After that, of course we were spoiled and only wanted the Jr. Suite! We pretty much sailed RCCI after that staying primarily on the Voyager Class Ships and always a Jr. Suite. We got on the Freedom shortly after she arrived (always with a 'deal') ... I do shop sales! ... and it was wonderful. At one point, we tried a gty suite on HAL on the Eurodam .. again, great price ... and loved it! Just got off the Oasis in May and there are no words for that trip other than amazing!! We were trying to put together a trip for our anniversary in the Fall. We usually go to Hawaii with exchanges from the 2 vacation clubs we have, but failed to do it in time and there was no availability. So ... began looking online. Got an exchange at Hutchinson Beach which happened to coincide with a 6 night cruise on the Carnival Freedom and the price was very good, so that's our anniversary trip. With all that being said, I've heard the Carnival talk over the years and wondered ... so I've been doing some research and expecially reading the forums on Cruise Critic. About all I can say at this point is ... if the ship and the people on it are anything like the posters on Cruise Critic's Carnival board, we might be in trouble!! I don't know ... I always go on cc before I take a cruise but of course it's usually RCCI and HAL where everyone is always so helpful, happy and nice ... this time I'm just not getting a good feeling!! LOL!! Can you say 'rude, crude and ready to pounce on anyone at a moments notice'??!! I'm trying to have an open mind and still look forward to this cruise ... but I don't know ... just checked some of the member reviews here on the Freedom and that too isn't sounding so promising. But, I'm going to try and remain optimistic, but any comments, suggestions would be appreciated! Thanx!
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