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Default No more gratuity vouchers!
Just got back from another amazing week on the Oasis. There's not much that hasn't been said before about her...
But we did the prepaid gratuities, and they don't give out vouchers anymore. Now at first blush, that seemed great. I always hated ripping them apart and sorting them and handing them out. It also makes it so you can eat in a diferent venue on the last night without chasing down your dining room staff...but it also makes you feel obligated to tip more if you do go the last night.
Now our waiter wasn't bad, but he wasn't the usual outgoing, personable guy like I've had in the past. And we ate at Johnny Rockets one night and had a shore day that we just wanted a quick dinner. So I didn't feel like the standard amount had to be supplemented. But our tablemates paid theirs in cash and I felt terribly awkward not handing envelopes out.
I'm not saying it's a bad system, I'm sure not having to print and deliver them save the company time and money, so if that keeps something else from being cut, I'm all for it.
We had a great cruise. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

In Nassau, we went to Blue Lagoon. It's beautiful there, but we just didn't have enough time. I still don't understand why the ship has such a short call there, we left at 2 pm.

I was really shocked to see how much St. Thomas has gotten run down, it used to be so beautiful We took a cab over to Coki beach. I have to say that they've done a great deal of work there. They have a brand new bath house with changing rooms and showers. There are stores in real buildings instead of rusted out ice cream trucks, and there weren't nearly as many hawkers on the beach as in the past. It was very crowded though, but there were 4 carnival ships in port with us.

In St. Maarten we went over to Orient beach.
What can I say. I'm a beach bum. Especially in the caribbean. I'm certainly glad to answer any questions about the ship or the ports if you have them!

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