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Default Carnival testing all-inclusive beverage package
A couple weeks ago, Carnival began testing an all-inclusive drink program aboard Carnival Victory.

Called the "My Awesome Bar Program", it costs $42.95 per person per day and of course the 15 percent gratuity will be added. The plan covers wine, beer, liquor, soda, and non-alcoholic frozen cocktails.

Caveats: 1) the drinks cannot cost over $10 on an individual basis, 2) purchases of bottles of wine and drinks over $10 will receive a 25 percent discount, and 3) everyone in the same cabin who is 21 or over must buy the program.

Whether it is worth it is up to the guest. I usually have a jaundiced eye on drink packages since my feeling is the cruise lines wouldn't do them unless it increased their revenue. The bet is that most who buy the package won't drink enough to get their money's worth, and thus the cruise line wins.

No word on how long the test will run, or if they will add other ships.
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