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Default No so good
Good day all,
Well I just want to know if anyone has any good input on the Carnival Sensation, every and I do mean every review I read was negative. What is up? Can a ship be that bad and still be sailing. everything from embarkation to debarkation was negative. for example. i read where there was garbage on the entrance to the ship, bed bugs in the beds in the cabins, food was cold, crew was rude, the one pool was a " cesspool" don't think that was spelled correctly, but that is how they spelled it. lol. I mean come on can anyone tell me something good about this ship. I do know it it one of the older ships but that shouldn't take away from the good. I am concerned because my neice and her husband and friends are going to be on it this week and I was hoping it wasn't as bad as all that.

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