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I wouldn't be too concerned. One thing I learned over the years in reviewing reviews is that they, overall, tend to emphasize the negatives rather than the positives. For instance, I'll often read in one review how the food was good (period) while another reviewer will say it was awful and throw out a lot of words like disgusting, I wouldn't feed this to my dog, etc. Also, there's a tendency for negative reviews to include more than one topic -- that is, if someone had a complaint about dining room service, that person will also list a whole lot of other stuff, such as tender service, vacuuming, production shows, drink prices...the list goes on.

I was recently on a cruise on which we had service that was far below par. We brought it to the attention of the Restaurant Manager (we stopped at the front desk to ask how to do this), and problem was resolved and he even paid us a personal visit. Some others on the same cruise also panned the dining room service (which was pretty much limited to the first two nights) and then listed a whole lot of other issues that, in the scheme of things, were relatively minor.

Sorry this is so lengthy -- just wanted to reassure you and your family that reviews are not always what they seem to be. This applies to ones that harp on the negatives without mentioning any positives, and even those that are overwhelmingly glowing about the positives without mentioning the negatives. Focus on the more balanced reviews (that may be hard to find).

I hope this provided some reassurance!
Happy cruising!
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