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Originally Posted by Spiritfilled View Post
Good day all,
Well I just want to know if anyone has any good input on the Carnival Sensation, every and I do mean every review I read was negative. What is up? Can a ship be that bad and still be sailing. everything from embarkation to debarkation was negative. for example. i read where there was garbage on the entrance to the ship, bed bugs in the beds in the cabins, food was cold, crew was rude, the one pool was a " cesspool" don't think that was spelled correctly, but that is how they spelled it. lol. I mean come on can anyone tell me something good about this ship. I do know it it one of the older ships but that shouldn't take away from the good. I am concerned because my neice and her husband and friends are going to be on it this week and I was hoping it wasn't as bad as all that.
Spiritfilled, From time to time disgruntled cruisers like to try and get "a pound of flesh" from Carnival or other operators because they had a curise that did not meet expectations. Mostly this is all exerageration. I have no specific info on the Sensation but it certainly is not how this review depecited it. I have cruised 10 times with Carnival and will go 11. And sometimes things happen, the crew does their best to fix it especially if you are civil and reasonable when you ask. Carnival is the "affordable" cruise line so comparisons to Seaborn or even Royal Caribbean must be tempered with the cost of the cruise. You and your friends will have a great time on Carnvial and don't sweat the small stuff.
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