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The ship was just in dry dock January 26- February 9th. I find reading reviews tiresome. They can often range from comical to ludicrous. The problem with the internet is anyone can make a false claim or accusation and you don't get the whole story. They are only telling you one side. One review commented it was hamburgers and hotdogs every night. We all know that's not true. One review claimed $50 dollars and $20 worth of medicine was stolen out of their checked luggage. First of all, why would anyone put that in checked luggage? Second they can't prove a Carnival employee stole it. Another review said you could only distinguish the crew by their name tag because they weren't wearing uniforms. Huh? I have never ever been on a cruise where the crew weren't wearing uniforms.

One review that was highly critical said her next cruise would be on Disney or Silversea. Well, if she can afford a Silversea cruise then she should never have been on Carnival in the first place. Another problem of the internet is people booking their own cruises without using a travel agent to explain different experiences on different cruise lines. Too many people look at a cheap price and want a high end experience.

I could go on and on how cruise reviews are too distorted. When I read scathing reviews of a ship I often wish I could go on the ship myself to see if it's as bad as they are saying it is. Chances are it wouldn't be. Tell your sisters to go and have a good time.
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