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Default Ocho Rios
Stopping at Ocho Rios in a month. We had originally planned on doing the Chukka horseback ride and Beach swim with the horses. We did that in May out of Falmouth, but it's the same excursion this time and it's a blast. Unfortunately, my husband has an injury that doesn't seem to be healing fast enough so we're looking to do something else. The ship docks at 7:30 and leaves at 2:30. We looked into a day pass at Sunset Beach, but it's sorta pricey for the few hours we'll be there ... guess they give you breakfast instead of lunch when the ship leaves so early. Not crazy about going out on our own in Jamaica ... we usually do that in other ports, but not feeling all that comfortable about it here. Just not up to the possible 'hassle'. Anyway ... has anyone gone to Island Village Beach? I googled it and it seems nice ... supposed to be within walking distance of the pier and right near Margaritaville. Supposed to be shops, crafts and a 'theme type' atmosphere as well as a nice beach. Thinking we could look around, shop around, spend a little time at the beach and maybe a drink at Margaritaville and then go back to the ship. Has anyone done this and/or have any information? Tried another board, but no takers so far, so thought I'd also try here ... thanx!
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