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Cool Vouchers
Agreed Dave-tho in my case, I'd also have to make sure my PPO Health Policy covered "Stupid Old Man on A Kid's Toy". I was also about to say that vouchers; how had can it be for the cruise line to keep printing something like this. You feed the info into a Bozo-Computer and it spits out the forms. However, then, I remembered that their computers (I was told) don't talk to each other, which is the excuse that was given to us TWICE in the past when MY Sea Pass card, and my WIFE'S card, did NOT have the same C&A level displayed. Since we have always gone together, and joined C&A at the same time, we both have the same Diamond status, but hers has always (in the past) been one level below my card. I'm giving them almost a year and a half to correct this, so next October, 2013, we'll see if Bozo-'Puter "A" is now talking to Bozo-'Puter "B". Anyhow, sorry about the topic change; I think that they should have SOME way of showing that you have prepaid gratuities, and have some sort of envelope to put extra cash in for those who go above and beyond. Many people (some Europeans I've heard) are not use to tipping, or it's not a custom, and this makes it a little easier for those passangers. The expense for the cruise line can't be so bad, compared to printing out the daily cruise compass sheets. Ramble Done.

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