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Originally Posted by Galandria View Post
My husband and I decided we would like to take the children and go on a cruise. Turns out 31 other people in my family wanted to go on a cruise also. So now I am planning a cruise for 37 people. We will be going on the Carnival Imagination in September 2013. Of the 37 only 13 have ever cruised before.
I am trying to remember all the basic info to tell them, tipping, etc. Can anyone think of anything else they might need to know?
I am wondering about dining. I am sure they don't have a table to seat 37 so how is that gonna work? We all will have early dining. But I don't one a couple people at a table on one side of the room and a few on another side. I want everyone together.
Also does anyone recommend a motel/hotel in or around Miami? It is a 13 hour drive to Miami from where we live so we plan to drive down the day before and spend the night.
I've sailed out of Miami several times and we always stay in Hollywood (near Ft Lauderdale). It's about 40 min to Miami cruise port and I think better priced than Miami. I think it was a Comfort Inn (airport South or something) we did both times and it was nice.
As far as dinning it seems that you should get in line early to talk with the Madre D as soon as you board and verify that what you want is what you got. Are all the Booking numbers linked so Carnival knows you are sailing together? Do that before you go, it should help a lot in keeping you all together. We do that through a Carnival Agent by phone.
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