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Default Buyer beware of Port Canaveral Cruise Shuttles
Port Canaveral Cruise Shuttles (Orlando to/from Port) are deceptive in their advertising and policies. The pictures of their buses, vans and limos are not true. They are old, uncomfortable (third-world) and breakdown (I spent 1/2 hour waiting for the driver to jump-start one of their other old vans) They are undependable and do not show up on time or not at all. And once you do get picked up you have no idea how long it will take to arrive at your destination. Their rates (plus a mandatory 15% gratuity) are more expensive than first quality bus service like Disney Cruise line buses ($35 each way) . And then the driver will stand there with his hand out for more tips. If you purchase a Roundtrip reservation and cancel the return trip a week in advance , they refuse to refund your money and gratuity. They use an answering service that can not provide customer care and correct answers over the phone. Buyer beware.
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