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Roughly 10 years ago, we were on a Canada/New England cruise on the now-gone Regal Empress. One of the ports on our itinerary was Portland, Maine. At the beginning of dinner that night, the lights dimmed in the dining room. The waiters then came out in a line, each carrying a platter with a live lobster atop. We all cheered; they went back to the kitchen.

Yes, we ordered the lobster that night. And it was fabulous. It was also the only time I recall having a full lobster in the shell on a cruise ship. I'm certain the waiters cracked the shells for pax, yet I don't recall if I just dug in myself!

I wouldn't pay $25 for one, though. (Then again, I live in New England and can get them for less than $5 a pound at the supermarket.)
Happy cruising!
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