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Default Carnival Ecstasy for High School Trip???
My daughters school its planning and end of year cruise to the Bahamas (5 day Bahamas cruise on the Ecstasy). She is in 9th grade but kids from all grades can attend. I have never been on a cruise so I have no idea how good of an idea it is to take a bunch of highschoolers on a cruise. The people I know that have been on Bahamas cruises only talk about the drinking and the casinos.
Can you help me make a better informed decision regarding letting her attend or not? I've read about the O2 club and I would for sure let her go if I was going. I know it is never the same when someone else is supervising your child and that teenagers are sneaky enough to sneak and do thing they shouldn't. My concern is how "safe" will they be while roaming around the ship without appropriate supervision. Also, will they be allowed off the ship by themselves?
Thanks in advance for your answers!
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