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Default Oasis level 6 balcony location
Hi, this is our first cruise and I'm just not sure which level to book.

I am about to book our balcony cabin and have two choices:

Level 6 D1 extended balcony (hump) on the port side or
Level 9 D5 not extended balcony but at the start of the extended balcony section which means it'll have a slightly larger balcony and is a little cheaper than the D1 on level 6.

If anyone knows or has stayed on level 6 I'm wondering if it is too low to the water line just above the lifeboats, should I book the level 9?

What about the balcony itself, do you think the extended 80 ft vs standard 50 ft is worth paying a little more?

Any advice would be great.
So excited with 3 weeks to go
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