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Angry Changes already,,note date on quote below
Originally Posted by alexandra cruiser View Post
and I just called,,they said,,all AA flights still ok and they would contact me IF A CANCELLATION or change occured,,,not refundable if I changed airline...but if it looks iffy,,may do that and lose $500 rather than whole trip. Afraid they might change to later flight and would lose the Asiana one at 12 noon...will keep checking on AA website.Never had this happen before...lucky,I guess. Hey,,let us know how the Nov.flight goes.
Yes,,,double checked my flight on and guess what>>???not listed,,,called AA and NOW flight changed to 1 hrs.earlier,,,just received confirmation yesterday from internet agency,,,and had called AA day before,,and told "will let you know",,,well,,they DIDNT,,,I caught it and called..Did issue new tickets,,,but upset and SO GLAD i persisted in this.

So,,,to be on safe side,,,KEEP CHECKING WEB SITE>...I plan to...whew.....
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