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Agreed Dave-the service desk on board straightened it out as soon a I found out about the problem when one of the kids tried to use the sea pass card and it was denied. That was the first and only time it ever happened; the port issue was obviously solved by RCI when the basically left Miami all together. With that many people trying to board, I know that not every port is going to have smooth sailing, but it just seemed to me that the Miami people went out of their way to not be "helpful". New Orleans was a mess too, but they have an excuse for it not being smoother, what with the terminal area being under construction and all; but they too still had some issues that could have been done a little better. I guess it may be more me than anything else. When it's just the wife and I, I don't get upset; but when things happen while you're trying to show others, for THEIR first time, how great a vacation they're about to have, it gets a little silly when there is just poor planning and execution. I'll have to say that many of our cruises have been out or Port Canaveral, and WE have never had a problem, but I'm sure there are some other who may have. My line of work stresses doing it right the first time, and I tend, after 38 years of work, to expect the same from those NOT in my line of work; it's a flaw.........................

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