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Well my husband broke down and paid for the soda package. Was on the website (logged in on our account), and was browsing the shore & Land excursions too see what caught my eyes. I later then noticed they had the Mystery Dinner. We did that on our last cruise, but we had terrible seats. We (husband) purchased tickets for that again..Hoping to get a better view.

We were going to wait till we boarded the ship to get soda package but he thought we are here purching one thing why not get it done and over. We are now all set with all pre-purchases.

I purchased a couple things under Gifts & Gear. When will that appear in the Pre-cruise planner? The soda packages and Mystery dinner already show up.

We are now all done with our pre-orders. Only thing left for me to do is add GS's..I think I may get couple more..Maybe have $200 total..Only thing I will get is the cabana, but can only get that onboard.

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