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This policy tends to be enforced port by port and ship by ship. We got off Vision yesterday after 14 day Trans Atlantic (fantastic). We brought a bottle of wine on board in Southampton, told the security, and they simply waved it through. We also brought a bottle at various port stops in Spain with no questions. As to water, we always bring on a case of Smart Water (my wife needs the electrolytes) with no problem anywhere. You can also get a bottle of wine on the ship and take it to your stateroom. You can do this in the dining room, windjammer, etc. If you have a wine package, just use it to purchase a bottle and take it with you. We did that for the last day at sea. Took 2 bottles of champaign (there were 8 of us) after dinner the night before. Our Asst. Waiter brought them complete with buckets of ice and 8 glasses. The next day we had room service deliver 6 large glasses of orange juice and got some pastries from the Windjammer (need to get orange juice during the breakfast hours in the dining room). Made mimosas and had pastries and toasted a great cruise.
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