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Originally posted by queenofcruzin:
Hi CDBermuda,
I have cruised Solo at least 10 times, I would hate dinner alone too. I noticed that you are sailing NCL with their Freestyle dining, is that why you are eating alone? I always did traditional dining and was seated with others dining alone. It wasn't always the perfect match but always found a few people to hang around. Another secret was to check out the photo galleries and find others who were photographed alone. Anyway, enjoy your cruise!!
Yes, that is why I am eating alone...and NCL doesn't (or hasn't in the past in my experience) been very accomodating about sharing tables. I don't know why. I was told, at least once, that there weren't any tables sharing at the time. Not sure how a photograph would help, since it gives no information about who they are and if they are hoping to at least find a dinner companion. (?)
Thanks...neeeeeed this vacation terribly!