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Well they tried to say that I purchased the trip insurance!! I called to pay for my tips for the cruise in 31/2 weeks.. I paid off my cruise 5mo ago and it said PAID IN FULL.. So when I called to pay my tips she said that I still owed on my trip insurance!! I said what? She said that I agreed when I bought the fares 14mo ago that I wanted trip insurance!! I said the BS word.. I told her I never agreed to that, And I never not ever buy it from a cruiseline,that I get it from a real insurance company!! She got kinda ****ed and I said have you noticed I am platnium? She said she didnt see that when i called. I told here to immdiatly cancel THAT SO CALLED INSURANCE!! I already had paid for it with another company.. So after being on hold the unfreindly costumer service lady said it was off! So now I am sending an email to carnival to complain about her and this new tatic of insurance crap!!

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