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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
You certainly picked a great ship for your first cruise. Allure is nothing short of amazing. The ship is probably the best example of a floating resort where you will find it hard to run out of things to do. Just go with what you want to do! The Cruise Compass is the daily activity list and it is delivered to your cabin each day. You can also get copies at the guest relations desk if you need extras. Read it carefully. I always have a copy with me.

Tours are subjective. As you may suspect, many of them do have age restrictions where a 2-year old cannot go because of what the tour entails. You will be able to see videos of all the tours on your cabin TV which will help you decide.
Thanks Dave for your advice!

Iīm going to be more specific with my questions, any recomendations any one can give me, i will be greatful.

I know itīs very subjective my post but we want to exploit the more we can, and we havenīt got a big budget family for this trip (our currency chance is 1 dolar for 6!) so we would try to do our best to enjoy the most!!

From what Iīve been reading here, we think it would be a good chance doing this:

Nassau: we will take a cab to Atlantis and enjoy the place and the beach, if we stay 2-3 hours there, can we enjoy it? so then take a walk at Bay Street and the downtown, and have a lunch somewhere around.

St. Thomas: try to go to Coki Bay and do some snorkeling, and enjoy the beach (are there places to have lunch there?), visit some places of interest at main st.

St. Maarten: we like to show our kid Maho beach (how long will it takes us to go there and return? the flights schedules are near the port where we arrive as to be sure there will be one jumbo to see? Is it worth it visiting Pic Paradise? Or we should choose Marigot and Grand Case instead? Or make the three?

And we would do some shopping, in electronics stuff, wich is best: St Tomas or St Maarten?

Thank you all
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