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Nadine, I'm gonna say that the bus ride, once we got on the bus and left the airport, took about 25-30 minutes to get to the pier. Just to be safe, I try to never get a flight home before 3pm; I may have a few more options than you, since I live half way between Milwaukee and O'Hare/Midway airports in Chicago and can fly into either. I'd say that probably the earliest you can get off the ship would be maybe 7am? I'm never in a hurry to leave the ship, so I wait till late. Might want to think about taking your own bags off the ship with you instead of leaving them outside the cabin the night before, for speed purposes too. Also, I don't know what time the first RCL bus leaves the port for the airport, so you may want to look into a private service or a taxi cab. Also, now rremembering that the river portion fs the cruise was much longer than I first mentioned, and that yes, we were in bed before the ship cleared the river out, and it was in the river before we went to bed on the rerturn. We did get to see much more then, since we went in March; little more sunlight then.

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