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I just received an email from some friends who are driving around New Orleans in an RV. I had asked them about the port area construction, and they stated that basically almost all of NO is under construction at one place or another. I today also found out that a girl I work with and her entire family will also be on Navigator tomorrow for their FIRST time cruising. She did not say, however, that they had received anything from RCL about not getting to the ship too early. I know that in the past, we have been told that we couldn't get on the ship before noon, 11:30 at the earliest, but that has never been the REAL case, and we have been allowed to board earlier. What COULD delay things would be if they do not start processing the new people until they want. Due to the mess that is probably still happening around the port, I'd still try to arrive at the pier around 11:30. Have a great time!

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