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Dear friends,
I should apologize in advance if my post seems funny but I never been on a cruise nor anyone I know was willing to give info.
I normally pack so much to avoid missing anything, even on my international vacations. This time, can't, due to the space limitation of the cabin.
1- Am I packing based on a no laundry vacation or there is laundry room accessible?
2- Do they offer beach towel on the ship or I should take couple?
3- Do they have hairdryer available?
4- Do we need converters to use our phone chargers, or it is just a regular plug (US) ?
5- I've heard that if we don't have a watch or alarm, we won't know what time it is - we have inside cabin- Do they have alarm clock in the rooms like a regular hotel?
6- Do they have doctors on board 24/7?
7- Are passengers mostly use flip flops on the ship or dressy sandals?
8- During the day-on the ship : Does everyone dress as if they are going to the beach, to a casual office party or to the amusement park?
9- Is it better to take one suitcase for 3, or 3 carry-ons?


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